Our Curriculum

Green Street Preschool observes, documents and provides ongoing learning for each individual child reflecting the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to capture children’s intricate education across the Principles, Practices and five Learning Outcomes.

Educators ensure that aspects of our weekly curriculum include opportunities for children to learn the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved through eating nourishing meals and exercising regularly as outlined by the NSW Munch and Move program.

Our curriculum includes daily wellbeing with calm and quiet times, breathing techniques, mindfulness experiences and yoga.

Children’s capacity for learning complex concepts and agency is strengthened through our promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) experiences and inquiry.

At Green Street Preschool, our curriculum reflects the Reggio Emilia Approach across many aspects of our service; this is emphasised in the way the service environment is organised and the importance placed on utilising education as the relationship between child and educator and parent. Using the Reggio approach, educators promote children’s participation through open communication, listening and the recognition of others. We appreciate that children are co-constructers of knowledge and are capable of guiding their own learning.

Educator’s guide children’s learning by encouraging children to question and reflect on their understanding and choices. Educators demonstrate through their actions and interactions how valued and respected each child’s contribution is.


They are used to underpin educator practice and childhood pedagogy.

1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships

2. Partnerships

3. High expectations and equity

4. Respect for diversity

5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice


The eight practices of the EYLF are the learning strategies and practices that our educators use to apply the principles and reach the learning outcomes are as follows

1.            Adopting Holistic approaches

2.            Being responsive to children

3.            Supporting learning through play

4.            Engaging in intentional teaching

5.            Creating learning environments

6.            Honouring cultural and linguistic identities

7.            Providing for continuity in experiences and enabling children to have a successful transition

8.            Assessing and monitoring children’s learning to inform provision and to support children in achieving learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes are designed to capture the integrated and complex learning and development of all children.

*Children have a strong sense of identity

*Children are connected with and contribute to their world

*Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

*Children are confident and involved learners

*Children are effective communicators

 Green Street Pre-school has achieved an overall rating of ‘Meeting the National Quality Standard (M) by the NSW Department of Education.